1. Identity
5-Cyclohexadecen-1-one CHO(M.W.=236.40)
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Very powerful natural musky odor.
3.Perfumery Usage
Wide applications in fragrance compositions, especially perfume, cologne,
cosmetics, hair shampoo & rinse, fabric detergent and softener.
4.Odor Tenacity
Approx. 12 days on a smelling blotter.
Test conditions                              4weeks at 40Ž
                                                    Odor                   Color
Ethyl alcohol 95‹at   10%           Excellent          No change
Soap                          1%            Excellent          No change
Shampoo                 0.3%            Excellent          No change
Rinse                       0.3%           Excellent           No change
Body shampoo       0.5%             Excellent           No change
Cream                     0.2%           Excellent           No change
Detergent powder   0.2%             Excellent           No change
Detergent liquid      0.5%             Excellent           No change
6.Physical & Chemical Properties
Appearance :            Colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid.
Specific gravity d :    0.924-0.935
Refractive index n :   1.486-1.493
Flash point :             166
Purity :                     98.0% min.(by GLC)
Solubility :             Practically in water, soluble in alcohol and oils.
Solidifying :             21
Ž min.
Acid value :             0.5 max.
CAS NO. :           37609-25-9
EINECS :            253-568-9
TSCA :                Listed
Not found in nature.

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