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Corporate Name Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd.
Head Office No.2-2-1 Nihonbashi Horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8366 Japan
TEL +81-3-5645-7347
FAX +81-3-3664-5205
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Founded Apr,1915
Established Sep,1972
Common Stock \1,490,000,000
Fiscal Year-end March 31
Business Lines Productions, sales, imports, and exports of fragrances, flavors, feed flavors, tobacco flavors, aroma chemicals, industrial chemicals, and others.
Number of Employees 306(As of March 31, 2018)
Offices Osaka Branch
Sapporo Sales Offices
Noda Factory
Koriyama Factory

Board of Directors and Auditor

President Akihiko Ishimura
Senior Managing Director Kazuya Okamura
Directors Nobuyuki Kamei
Akihiko Domae
Junichi Kato
Yoshihiro Ogita
Masami Yokoyama
Corporate Auditor Masashi Fujita



Fragrance Creation

People creating fragrances
Fragrance is invisible jewellery with fine artistic work, they say.
It is made of fine materials from various parts of the world and very well polished and treated by creators.
Soda is proud of people engaged in this fine work at our creative laboratory.
Creative laboratory is however not a single important factor of fragrance creation.Those working at raw materials selection and analysis, aroma chemicals synthesis, research and development are also integral parts of it.
Another important job for fragrance creation is an application research, analysing and evaluating the compatibility between a fragrance and a base material, thermal and UV aging testing.
Fragrance is in such way created by a team work of creators, technical supporting staffs, and even customers join it.

Market Research
Requirement for fragrance changes as people changes, as time goes on.
Soda aromatic also has to change as our life style and culture change.
New products, innovation, trend and fashion, many things come and go.
We watch things, the world and people, to create new things right fitting to what people want.
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Flavor Creation

Customers' concern with flavor in food and beverage use is high quality, safety,healthiness, cleanliness and in some cases natural.
To steadily fulfil these requirements, we have various quality control programs at a flavor compounding factory recently on steam with modernized facility, key components manufacturing in house, and close watch on FDA, FEMA and the other regulations.
We produce all kinds of lactones, natural recovered flavors, and the other natural flavor ingredients by making use of various technologies including enzymatic reaction, fermentation and analysis systems.
Some of our specialities created by our advanced technologies are fruits and citrus flavors for juice and soft drink application, tea flavor of various kinds, and dairy flavors for various uses including cream, margarine, dessert, candy and cake.
Creators and sales staffs at Soda are always ready to talk and work together with customers throughout the world as a team to develop something new and special.
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Feed Flavor & Petfood Flavor

Flavor may have an essential function in a dairy industry when a right flavor used in milk replacer have cattle and hog grow very quickly for example.
Soda offers fruity and milky flavors for feed use, and meat, fish and dairy flavors for petfood use, both in oil and powder forms.
Soda's speciality developed lately is lipolyzed butter oil(LBO) base flavor for feed and petfood. Our enzym technology makes unusually high fat decomposition possible to have a very strong dairy note at competitive cost.



Tobacco Flavor

Soda has been the largest flavor supplier for Japanese tobacco industry in the last 70 years, supplying a full range of flavors including tobacco flavor, tobacco extract, reaction flavor, fermented flavor, enzym treated flavor and lot of other natural and synthetic flavor materials, for casing sauce and top dressing.
All are conformed to various safety regulations in the world.



Aroma Chemicals

They call us "Lactone House".
Gamma Lactones production started 1959, followed by Delta Lactones in 1960.
It is not well known that before lactones were launched off, Ethyl Vanillin production took off in 1956.
Historically Soda's aroma chemicals business is yet much older than that.
Soda's first aroma production started with Borneol and lonone in 1931.
Our aroma business was diversified when started production of Pentalide, synthetic musk in 1961, and Sandeol, synthetic sandalwoodoil in 1969.
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Pentalide (cyclopentadecanolide)
U (5-cyclohexadecen-1-one)
MC-4 (ethylene dodecanedioate)
MC-5 (ethylene brassylate)

Gamma Lactones C5 through C12
Delta Lactones C6 through C14
Epsilon Lactones C10,C12
Whisky Lactone
Sugar Lactone

Ethyl Vanillin
para-Tolyl Aldehyde

Acetoin (acetyl methyl carbinol)
Methyl Cyclopentenolone Anhydrous

Milk Lactone



Chemicals Synthesis

Aroma ingredients found in flowers, fruits, vegetables and all other nature, have usually chemical functions of alcohol, aldehyde,  ketone or ester, and many of these aromas are nowadays produced by chemical synthesis.
Chemical synthesis technology is however not only single essential factor for aroma production, but separation and purification is also important.
Impurities are very key parts of aroma chemicals some cases to produce what is exactly required in use of flavors and fragrances.
Very fine analysis technology and production system with a strict quality control are also essential for aroma chemicals manufacturing.
The most important thing is, you may say, olfactory evaluation.
Some aroma chemicals are produced in a fairly large scale while numberless items are produced in a very small volume.
In such ways, one living in the aroma chemicals industry should have various technologies, systems and spirit of good manufacturing practice. All these things at Soda are available for you through a toll manufacturing or a joint development team work arrangement.
Pharmaceutical and agrichemical intermediates, and many fine chemicals for electronics industry  are the example of such a joint development work operated at Soda.
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Research & Development

Natural Aroma Chemicals
Organic Synthesis has played a very important role in the flavor and fragrance industry's growth by supplying various competitive aroma chemicals even replacing natural products some cases.
Nowadays they put a new spot light on natural products, not traditional natural products but something special with high performance for the purpose of healthy and natural food and beverage use, a delicate, safe and natural scent for fragrance uses and even for a luxurious perfume use.
At Soda Aromatic, these new natural aromas are produced by various advanced technologies including super critical gas extraction, fermentation, enzymatic reaction,molecular distillation and even liquid chromatographic technology.
The first step of natural aroma production is sometimes a preparatory treatment,fermentation, ripening and roasting, of natural materials to modify or enhance base aromas in the materials.
An important job after aroma extraction by some means, is separation and concentration followed by other treatments sometimes including enzym reaction, Maillard reaction, high pressure treatment and even chemical reaction.
Soda operates numerous instruments and facilities, some are designed and provided uniquely for ourselves, to develop and produce natural aroma products.

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