New Information

We will exhibit New Macrocyclic Musks (under developtment) in the World
Perfumery Congress 2004 held in Cannes, France from June 1-4, 2004.

It is known that we are contributing to the world fragrance market by
supplying such macro cyclic musks as famous Pentalide (Cyclopentadecanolide)
and recently launched Cetanolide(Cyclohexadecanolide) on commercial basis.
Today, thanks to our unceasing efforts of research, we have come to
a stage of introducing New Macro Cyclic Musks which satisfy current market
requirement, such as Powerful, Long-lasting, Diffusive, Biodegradable and
Cost Efficient Musks, by taking advantage of our cutting edge technology
of synthesis.

We are targeting to launch this item to the market within a couple of year.

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